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It’s easy to #WriteJulian. Here’s help getting started. (Revised 10/13/19)

If you support Julian Assange, you may have heard that he is allowed to receive personal letters in London’s Belmarsh prison. There are instructions at (ignore what it says about not including Julian’s prisoner number; it is A9379AY, and you should include it). I encourage you to sit down today and read them, then write a simple letter of support.

These instructions will be more practical with these extra tips:
  • You can send Julian a letter of support without including a stamped reply envelope. From the U.S., one U.S. Global Forever stamp ($1.15) on a standard envelope, one ounce or less, will reach the U.K.
  • If you want to send him a reply envelope, you will need two (2) U.K. 1st Class stamps. See U.K. 1st Class stamps below for details.
  • You should weigh your letter to verify it has enough postage to reach Julian, and for his reply to reach you. His reply must weigh no more than 10 grams (10g) for two 70p stamps (£1.40) to cover the £1.35 rate for 10g. See Weights and Postal Rates below.
  • Again, the instructions at should be supplemented by adding Julian’s prisoner number A9379AY. In light of John Shipton’s October 2 interview, please do this.
Really, these are the only extra instructions I think you need. I don’t want to complicate things, so I will say you can grab your pen, envelopes and paper, write a letter to Julian, slap a U.S. Global Forever stamp ($1.15) on it, and drop it in the mail.

#WriteJulian Tutorials
I will be giving short tutorials in NYC on how to #WriteJulian, and will usually have U.K. stamps you can purchase at cost. Write to me at and I will send you dates and times. You can also schedule time with me in person; coffee or tea is on me.

U.K. 1st Class Stamps
You can buy U.K. stamps online at I suggest you buy them in books of six (enough for three reply envelopes); and you can share them with others if you want. The individual stamps are also available; buy an even number. You can also buy individual £1.35 stamps for replies under 10g, £1.55 stamps (under 20g), and £2.30 stamps (under 100g).

But if it easier for you, email me and I will ship them to you at cost, plus 55¢ for same-day First-Class shipping in the U.S. Include your name and mailing address, and quantity desired, and I will send you a link to pay for them and ship them immediately.

To keep your letters neat, tidy, and within weight limits, I suggest using the inexpensive envelopes you find at most drug stores and department store. Use a regular #10 envelope for your outgoing letter, and a smaller #6 envelope (6 3/4") to insert for a reply; you won’t have to fold it to fit. Mead is a common brand. Loose filler paper (pre-punched for 3-ring binders) is also very light weight. Compared to regular 20 lb. copier paper, it is 15.6 lbs., quite light.

Weights and Postal Rates
The instructions at are correct if you follow them and if your letters are within the weight limits for their class. If you are using lightweight stationery, it is much easier.

To be clear, for weight purposes, when I refer to your outgoing letter I’m referring to a regular envelope containing your personal note to Julian, plus a stamped reply envelope and blank page. When I refer to a return letter or reply letter, I’m referring only to the reply envelope and blank page you send to him in the U.K.

U.S. International Letter rates to U.K., non-tracked
Up to 1 oz.: $1.15 Global Forever stamp (recommended)
Up to 2oz.: $2.13 (letters over 1 oz. are not recommended)
Up to 3 oz.: $3.12
Up to 3.5 oz.: $4:12
Over 3.5 oz.: Use Flat Rate

U.K. International Letter rates to U.S.A., non-tracked
Standard Delivery, 6-7 working days
Up to 10g: £1.35, or two £0.70 or £1.40 (recommended)
Up to 20g: £1.55 (reply letters over 10g are not recommended)
Up to 100g: £2.30

Economy Delivery, 42 calendar days
Up to 20g: £1.20
Up to 100g: £1.50

Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers to questions I commonly receive in my tutorials:

Q. Can I put U.S. postage on the reply envelope I send Julian?
A. No. In England and the greater United Kingdom, only U.K. postage is valid. In the United States, only USPS postage is valid.

To make sure, however, you should always weigh your mail (or have the Post Office weigh it), especially if you are in unfamiliar territory.


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